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Top Five IOS apps for Homebrewers

Untappd – Discover Beer

This app doesn’t have too much to do with actual homebrewing, but at the same time it’s a good way to do research on different styles of beer. “Discover and share great beers, breweries, and venues with your friends, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries.”


“This app is very helpful not only on brew day but also in helping keep track of the entire process from buying ingredients through bottling. I am still brewing extract but am working towards all grain. Very much worth the price of admission and I haven’t even gotten to half of the features. I also can’t praise the level of developer support enough. These guys have always gotten back to me within 12-24 hours without fail whenever I had a question and are constantly updating to make the app better. Keep up the great work! I use this app every single time I brew now. I trust it to accurately calculate strike and sparge water volumes, IBU’s, and gravity. I like the fact that no matter where I’m at, I have my recipes at my fingertips. If I’m researching a clone recipe from homebrewtalk I can punch the numbers in on ibrewmaster and get accurate results. Great product, beta the hell out of having to be in front of a computer (promash) to make calculations when I need to be in the garage keeping an eye on my mash or boil.”

BJCP Styles

I think this review says it all: “I cannot overstate how helpful this app is to me. I am a craft beer sale representative for a large wholesaler, and I use this app daily. Anything from history and a glossary of term to style guidelines (duh) including stats (ABV, SRM, IBU, etc.) and flavor expectations. Not only will I always have this app on my phone, but it is a front page staple. Great app. Recent updates have made it much better and added updated style guide lines. Search function works great as well. A must have for any beer lover and brewer.”

Microsoft Excel

Honestly, there really isn’t anything better than doing it the old school way. Check out our article on the best templates for home-brewing, but the advantage is that you can tweak them yourself and your not tied down to you particular program

Any Beer ABV

How much alcohol is in that beer? Any Beer ABV lists the alcohol by volume content of over 13,000 beers, both domestic and imported.

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